Sunday, 18 August 2013


granny fi's toy cupboard - venue for saturday's 'booked 
in' events - my workshop and our panel session
SATURDAY SESSIONS were held in the tiny hamlet (that seems just the right word) of Uralla, about 15 minutes from Armidale.  I only saw the main street but i don't think there's a lot more,  a very pretty main street - all original old buildings, many with iron lace made in the town.  also a great old art deco bakery, pic below and a great pub where we had dinner.  lots of little secondhand shops too, but sadly when our sessions were finished at 3 most of them were closed. isobelle got a grab bag of little goodies for gifts at the one vintage shop that was open.

i had a three hour illustration workshop at Granny Fi's Toy Cupboard, an art/craft/gift shop run by author/artist Fiona MacDonald.  i was wondering how i'd fill three hours but it flew by and i actually didn't have time to do a couple of the things i planned.  it went well though.

then a panel session with isobelle carmody, fiona, sophie masson and me, chaired by liz hale, who i worked with earlier in the week at the university of new england.  our session was held in the large backroom of granny fi's, around a very warm and welcoming wood fire.  it was grey and rainy today so we felt very cosy and definitely in the right spot.

theresa and beattie - helping to ensure everything ran smoothly all day
lovely old brickwork in the main street at uralla

it's been a treat to have a whole afternoon and evening with isobelle, it's so rare that we're in the same place at the same time.  it's been a good day

sophie, isobelle and i in a great cafe in uralla's main street, beautiful coffee and a wonderful orange wall, i feel guilty that i'm not mentioning its name, didn't see what it was

we liked this sign in the coffee shop

loved these lights in the uralla pub restaurant, a black room with about 12 of these intriguing lightshades, a lovely glowing cream

sophie and husband david, great dinner companions

what could be a more perfect end to four days of great people and good times in armidale than
creme brulee and cointrea and ice???

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