Saturday, 10 August 2013


FINALLY i'm home -  a day of driving and some very happy shopping at the collectables shop in the tiny town of marnoo.

one last little reminisce about my lovely timein osaka with darling cal.
The flight home was easy - two films and hardly any sleep but all fine.
Sunny picked me up and we went into town to see the costume exhibition at ACMI

favorite costumes - scarlet o'hara's
plush green outfit which she
supposedly made out of curtains
when she headed off to impress
rhett butler.  quite the little seamstress
our scarlet :0)

and marilyn's iconic dress
from the Seven Year Itch,
which i picked up in 
the op shop a couple 
of days later.

this dress is made of
a beautiful super lightweight
fabric and is a lovely 
cream colour  - rather than
the bright white it
appears to be on screen.

WE also went to see Under the Candelabra - michael doublas as liberace and matt damon as his last partner.  i'd really looked forward to this film but we both thought it was a big disappointment, i found the script terribly dull and storyline turgid and lacking drama. 

left: highlight for me was rob lowe as the plastic surgeon - he was hilarious

TUESDAY -   a loooooong drive out to bayswater – how i hate that trip but its worth it to get to johnsons tile outlet. i’m buying a stack of black tiles to make a wet room at the house and this is the only place i can get them. worth the drive.

then back into northcote to stay with good friends chris and ian – we had a great dinner – chris cooked beautiful soup and salmon and my favorite – affogato :0)  
and a good nights sleep

WEDNESDAY – another LOOOOOONG drive down to endeavour hills, took an hour to get there to do some sessions with year 7s.   there were technology hassles (not unusual) but the morning was fine and the kids did some great drawings. i always enjoy seeing what they do.

now i’m down in torquay at gails – a chill out day tomorrow then  i’ll head home via the grampians.

it’s absolutely bucketing down here, all the way down the windscreen was almost impossible to see through, but great to see everything looking so drenched.

 Wednesday night i spent at gail's in torquay - here she is looking gorgeous in her new mohair collar, a great idea and easy to make, i think i'll try one.

thursday gail had the day off work and we had a lovely leisurely day - slept in, walked into the shops and had a wander and watched dvds in the afternoon 

sparrows on the table outside torquay larder where we had a delicious lamb curry.

the gang came around for dinner and drinks in the evening.

gorgeous mockie 
wearing his smart new dog coat. 
i 've been knitting it for ages and was sure 
it was going to be a disaster, but it fits 
perfectly, i'm chuffed.

FRIDAY - a very rainy drive up to the grampians to visit jen and rob
on the way home.   it was a fun night with lots of family and friends
staying.  the fire was burning and wine flowed, a nice noisy night.
KATE and ANNIE by the fire

sierra vista car park
SATURDAY - today was a beautiful sunny day 

these buildings comprise a hefty portion of the main street in marnoo.  it's a tiny place but it has a great collectables store.  i stopped in and bought three great old light fittings, a plant stand and a lovely glass bowl and salad servers. terrific prices and great stock.

NEARLY HOME - one of the problems of living in wentworth is driving home at night. the sun is always directly in your eyes but it always looks beautiful

beautiful blossoms,
i think these are nut trees, row up row of flowers on the road home
i've been meaning to photograph this fantastic old barn for ages

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