Friday, 23 August 2013


GOD  yesterday i was just working away at my desk alone, today i've got the tilers down the end of the house making a racket, irene the cleaning lady is making her debut and the house is smelling delicious, vacuum humming,  phone calls back and forth to the plumber and builder.  i'm holed up in my art room sorting out stuff to take to melbourne for my print residency.  hiding really.

later - i now have a 3/4 tiled bathroom.  hitches though - tiler costa said the toilet shouldn't have been put in first, so they pulled that out.   no holes had been drilled for taps (the plumber assumed i had a mixer on the vanity, despite my drawing)
so there's a hold up there, the tiler needs the tap fitting there to tile round.     also i had underestimated tiles so i've had to order more,
so there's a wait.  nothing is going smoothly and coordinating of everyone feels like it's been left to me. i'm not impressed.
still, baby steps, it's slowly getting done and at least i'm here now for a month, so i should have most of it finished by the time i go to melbourne in september.

then there's the second bathroom . . .  

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