Sunday, 11 August 2013


NOT GETTING MY HOPES UP  but i can hear some nice steady rain, it's 9 oclock at night and i've heard a bit of rain, now it's sounding more steady. 
It hasn't rained a lot since i've been away but nothing looks dry.  i've had a good walk around, found some windflowers and my erymopholus (?) with flowers on, and the poinsettias covered in red. very nice.   freesias in bud too.

now for my confession - i came home with the car not only full of the tiles i picked up in melbourne (i'm surprised my car made it back under the weight) but also full of goodies from op shops all over melbourne and on the way home.  

an interesting
clip from the great
little collectables
shop in Marnoo

made of painted
wood and beads
this beautiful linen bedspread or large tablecloth was from the gipps st salvos

 in osaka i found this amazing cream cotton top on a specials rack, i don't think i'd ever wear it, i'll
hang it on the wall and it may become a drawing or an etching.

i stopped in at the restorer's barn in whittington to look for old
light fittings for the new bathrooms
and other rooms in the house. they
were all pretty expensive and
most of them had incomplete
fittings.  i got nothing.

then at the wonderful marnoo
store i got all these - between $20 and $35 each, all great, and about
 1/4 the price of the restorers barn.

also from marnoo - the
shop has a good turnover of
stock and the owner has
a real knack of putting things
together in an interesting
way.  these were sitting in
a lovely collection of amber
coloured glassware.
cup and saucer from a melbourne op shop

all these bowls are from japan - in osaka there's a great shopping arcade that caters to the hospitality industry - shops specialising in aprons, knives, signage, ceramics etc.

pretty little glasses from stawell salvos, they're tiny and dainty
handy dandy clippy thing for reminder notes

also from marnoo - a plant stand that i've put beside the front door

and i wonder how my house has become so cluttered     :0\

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