Tuesday, 6 August 2013


SUNDAY - last day with rene, sayaka and cal, we had a last breakfast together in a good little restaurant a short walk from the apartment, then i had cal for the afternoon before rene took me to namba station to catch the airport train.  flight home was easy, two films and a nap, then the flight from gold coast to melbourne.

nice to watch these schoolkids at the airport actually playing cards instead of staring at mobile phones.

and reading for god's sake!

one of my favorite times - waking up on the plane in time to see the sun just breaking through the horizon - 
amazing colours
on the other side of the plane someone was making
shadow puppets 

the immigration line at kansai airport

MONDAY - sunny picked me up at tullamarine and we went to the costume exhibitionat ACMI and checked out shaun tan's 'lost thing' exhbition too.  a great double -i've looked forward to the hollywood costume exhbition for ages and it was great, some fabulous clothes and i liked the way it was put together - but disappointing that the clothes weren't on floor level, i really wanted to get a sense of how big the actors actually were and it just didn't come across,  john wayne and russell crowe were next to each other but were on different floor levels.  no idea of comparitive heights although i know theres a big difference. 

I stayed with sunny and dean, this kewpie doll was a souvenir of japan that sunny brought home on her trip

Beautiful carpet of camellias in the front yard

 TUESDAY -  i dropped off work to friend marita in elwood - she's having a show of my dress and bathers etchings at her salon at 10 Lawson Street for a couple of months, and i sold a drawing before i even finished unloading.

Drawing of my favourite vintage dress and happy customer - thank you :0)

I was lucky that my morning in elwood cooincided with a brunch that friends from the brighton baths were having - so i got to catch up with them all
then off across town for the long haul out to bayswater (boy i hate that trip) to pick up tiles for the bathroom, worth the drive though.  Now i'm in bed at friend chris's,  i've had dinner here with chris and ian, good to see them and to be invited to bali in february for chris's significant birthday.  that'll be fun.

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