Friday, 16 August 2013


first school - Duval, talking to a group of mixed years 6,7 and 8
THREE SCHOOLS today, groups from kinder up to secondary

  GO SOPHIE!  at newling primary school sophie and i drew together - for an energetic group of kinder to 6's.

Lunch at newling -  librarian margaret made these bagels herself.  i'm not a 'photograph every meal' person but i think this effort is worth sharing.  a yummy meal of smoked salmon, brie, bagels, and home baked cookies.

LAST SCHOOL  New england girls school, a group of elegant old buildings, lovely girls, today i spoke to year 8's, this was my second day at NEGS.

 MY SPECIAL MOTEL lots of little quirks here
i'm not sure we're really being encouraged to use the heated towel rail. unravelling this cord is a real exercise in patience and after using the heated towel rail, next day the cord was all bound up like this again.

little signs like this are scattered about

from kinder to secondary. 

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