Tuesday, 20 August 2013


A WHOLE MONTH at home now, time to finish my current book and get ready for the residency at australian print workshop in september.

no photos today - it's time to do some cleaning too and to try and get some progress going again on the bathroom, tiling comes next. 


that was this early this morning.  i've been getting things sorted today - organised a cleaning lady irene to come and suss out the house on thursday, tomorrow rob (who supposedly is making my vanity unit) is coming out to check out the bathroom (i'll believe it when i see him, so far he has not responded to one of my five emails and phone messages).
also got terry up to clean the filter and check the pump, another guy to call in and quote me on solar electricity (no go, i'd need to be here 12 years to start to see a return).  also rang costa, the tiler to organise a time with him. 
Cleaned up all the fallen twigs, branches and leaves from a poor old eucalypt that's died up near the front of the block, and started getting back into the artwork i need to finish this month.  also knitted some of cal's beanie and watch an old favorite 'grosse point blank' in the middle of the day.  and did a whole lot of hand washing in the sink - i have no washing machine or trough right now and no plug for the basin in the other bathroom.  
Tomorrow i'm back into the illustration full pelt.   time for a rest now

Here are some lovely old pics of mum and dad that i've been looking at.

My dad in syria

Doris with auntie bet and auntie joy
Don on the banks of the murray at robinvale  circa 1948

doris on the rocks
my father with baby helen on the murray

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