Saturday, 3 August 2013


i've had a good last full day
of brekky with rene, sayaka and little cal, then the afternoon to myself to just wander up and down sinsaibashi looking at  shops.

but first there were 
to be opened.
it's taken a long
time for rene and
sayaka to open
all the presents that
were sent so
we got stuck into
them this morning.

we headed off along the dotombori canal, this is underneath the bridge, great 
patterns in black and white 

this little guy is a mascot for the local area - his name is Billiken

looking for a place to eat breakfast  

tempura for breakfast, prawns about 20 cm long

this rabbit light reminded me of kyoko imazu's etchings.  sayaka was telling
me that the rabbit is associated with the moon here,  we have the man in the
moon because the shadows on the moon  resemble a face.
in the northern hemisphere the shadows on the moon look like a rabbit on
the left side of the lunar surface.

is gorgeous, the store must have been built around the same time as the forum theatre judging by the moorish architecture and wonderful decoration.

the clock is heavy leadlight glass and glows in it's granite niche above the elevators.

sayaka explained that the enclosed foyer of the store is a resting area for anyone who needs a moment - rows of wicker chairs are lined up in the air conditioned space.  
doing the crossword is a challenge

cal under his lovely new blanket

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