Tuesday, 4 November 2014

MORNING WALK (just found this japan entry in the drafts)

THE HOUSEHOLD was quiet this morning so at 10.30 after a busy morning photoshopping a poster idea rene has for his new shop, i went for a leisurely walk in the sun.   mission: to get a metal hook fastener for my bedroom door (so the cats can't get in) and to find out how to reach the pretty rooftop garden we visited with cal the other day.   success on both fronts, plus a lovely cool white wine down on the canal before coming back here. no one home so a bit of quiet for me too.



windflowers, daisies, rosemary and
curved lawns and trees, if you 
couldn't see the top of the surrounding
buildings you'd think you were in
a little park.  a very nice place for
people to take their lunch
love the custom of being given the warm refreshing
towel before food or drink

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  1. Yes! Annie, that custom and a Japanese style hot bath I miss. Cheers, Sadami


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