Saturday, 4 April 2015


SUNNY & I overindulged in a big meaty tea :0)  I lit the hibachi and also a fire in my large metal bowl and we cooked very fat salami flavoured sausages, steak and lamb chops from a new little butcher i discovered in Merbein, on the way home from Mildura.   not new, very established, but i'd never seen it before.  a great old-fashioned friendly butcher with great meat.

I tried cooking zucchini in two jaffle irons, ended up with black paperweight flakes.  I think closer watching was required :0)    but the spuds were perfect. sunny went off to soak in a hot bath and I collapsed into bed at 8.30!  hence these pics of the moon taken at 5 a.m. after I'd already been awake for an hour

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