Thursday, 16 April 2015


I REALLY EXPECTED to wake up with a fright today after leaving the art vault.  that money has been a real help.   but i feel terrific - like a weight is lifted and i can now do all the things i want to do with a clear head.  Everything seems easier and i've had a really busy day.
I got started on sorting photos for the willie wagtail book, started a data base of school for my mailing list, walked down to artback cafe and chatted to visitors who came in, about my prints on the wall and picture books on the shelf. Feeling great, really relaxed and it's been instant.


I'm renting a room in the old disused school at the bottom of Cadell Street.  not big, just a nice room with pinboards, a long window and enclosed verandah if i want to spread out.  My pilates teacher is renting most of the front building and i'm subletting my room.  now i can separate some of my work from home and the distractions of housework and the river and the birds.  Today i took the laptop down and sorted photos to start work on my photographic book about the willie wagtails. absolute peace and quiet :0)

Came home and worked some more on the book photos, then realised i'd forgotten to go to pilates!

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