Saturday, 11 April 2015


Getting closer to the face i want on the swan queen, purity

I'M A BIT WORRIED about the wasps here, suddenly they seem to be everywhere.  I think i'm going to have to get a pest man in.   They're hovering all around the gutters of the house roof and out near
the print studio too

After brekky at artback i did some prints, still mucking around with the swan queen, edging closer.

THE SATURDAY CREW - artback's regulars

I sold the set of four bathers on this wall, so i've replaced them this morning

Anne is the cosy corner of the cafe, a lovely sunny spot

Another go at the swan queen, i'll keep working on this image

TONIGHT ON THE RIVERBANK - it was a beautiful
golden autumn evening with blue smoke
drifting out over the water.

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