Thursday, 23 April 2015


SPENT THE MORNING with the new reps from West Darling Arts after a good meeting with Wentworth Arts Tuesday night.
A big group of local arts and crafts people turned up and we're planning a 'meet the maker' exhibition at the town hall.  The new representatives of West Darling Arts came along, they both seem really on the ball, Cherry and Cathy.    We'll be able to get some support from them for various projects, i'm hoping they'll help me out with the exhibition of work by my students in late october to coincide with the print triennial in mildura.

Cherry and Cathy came here this morning for coffee and had a look at the studio, my work etc.  all good :0)

I spent 
today mosaicing the benchtop of the laundry cabinet, did a test on a little table on the riverbank.  I'm using a yucky dark gritty tile adhesive, thank god i've used it up and now i have a nicer white smooth one to try today. fingers crossed 
it's easier. 
right - what i'd planned
for this little table - below
the finished thing, totally
different and just made up as i went along, need the big pieces of tile to hold the deteriorating tabletop together.  yet to be grouted and cleaned up but a big improvement on the old broken terrazzo top

   The benchtop, 2.5 m long plus splashback

Last night was the opening of Robert's and Andrew's shows and i went along, first visit since i quit.  it was fine, julie was good and we talked, it felt fine. robert's work absolutely filled the front gallery, looked terrific.  andrew's drawings looked good on the charcoal walls in the small gallery.

I went with
friend ruth - here
in orange with
helen healy

dear robert, hard to take a bad photo of him

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