Thursday, 30 April 2015


artist's book is getting an airing.  It's been living in a box in a drawer and now it's in the White Cube at Cafe 27 Deakin - a monthly exhibit, one of three White Cubes around Mildura.  i installed it yesterday and on Saturday there's an artist's walk starting with mine and walking around the centre of town to visit the others 
as well.

based on an old family photo - this is my dad with his sisters auntie myra and auntie edna

WHEN AM I EVER GOING TO STOP mucking around with the house and start making some art??  I'm worried.  the laundry cabinet's almost done and now i'm going to start the spare room.  and other things keep happening, like the wood with white ants that fell off.   always something that requires attention. 
I haven't even been down to my rented room :0(  

Greg the grader came and fixed up my lumpy bumpy driveway - there's got to be around 300 metres and it only cost $90.

I BOUGHT one of those lovely lightbulbs that glow a soft golden light and it's looking really pretty in the mornings as the sun's moved around and shines early through the kitchen window

the lightbulb is about 15cm diameter, lovely soft light

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