Monday, 20 April 2015


I WOKE UP and opened the curtains this morning to see six gorgeous big kangas - three big ones bounded past the window down to the riverbank and began to graze so i leapt out of bed, threw on the dressing gown and grabbed the camera.  when i got out onto the deck i realised there were six in all, all quite big western greys, and i think all young males.   so i stood out on the deck with freezing feet and made my very convincing skippy noises to get their attention :0)   one by one they bounded back to the lawn under the clothesline and grazed on the long grass which is pretty lush right now.

Can't see them this morning, but it was  a treat to have them for about 15 minutes. they bounced off down to the old metal gate that opens into the saltbush next door and the biggest one oversaw (?) them leap the gate one by one from a standing start.  They really are the most amazing creatures.
One got left behind, the older one stood and watched and waited while the lost kanga looked around, jumped into the old vege garden, jumped out again and finally found his way out over the front fence.
It feels like such a privilege to be able to see these animals so close.  My heart was pumping for a while after they left :0)

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