Saturday, 18 April 2015


WE'VE HAD MASSES OF RAIN over the last 48 hours - it's stopped but stil overcast and still today, just wet and lovely.
I sold three more dress prints today,  four bathers prints last week and another one this morning.  Better keep framing them up and putting them in Artback :0)

I feel like i'm on holidays, i'm going to enjoy this week of doing what i like,  just getting ready for the classes in a couple of weeks, painting walls, tidying up etc.
Yesterday i was housebound by the rain so I made a gift for a friend, she knows who she is so I'm not saying what i made  :0)

Today, Saturday - i was going to the multi-cultural festival but it's cancelled so i'm spreading out the papers and binge watching house of cards - i've got a month's free netflix to trial.

    Dianne Craig, local artist and jewellery maker,  merrilyn air, musician and singer who organises         our local singing group

 couldn't resist
this beautiful
lying in the
carpart at the
IGA.  Can't
how it came to
be there, the
doesn't sell 

I parked next 
to this
4WD and 
my car looked
clean :0)

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