Sunday, 26 April 2015


I AWOKE AT 4.45am to the sound of steady rain, in fact it rained nearly all day, so beautiful after the two days last week.  So i didn't make it to the dawn service and listened to the radio instead.  All very emotional so i decided to ride my bike down to artback, the rain had cleared and the radar showed a solid rain band which had completely passed.   well, it was raining again before i even got there and after a coffee with anne at artback i decided i wouldn't watch the march, so anne drove me home, the rain had set in for the rest of the day, don't know what happened to the radar report, it was completely wrong.  I decided to go for a drive out on the pooncarie road listening to the gallipoli reports as they set up for the service over there.  I fell into a slump and spent the day feeling miserable and watching films, eating and drinking everything i shouldn't,  back to being good again today, sunday.
I'll go out and grout the laundry cabinet, then this week i'll get onto fixing up the back room, painting the walls and the edges of the floor.   I'm getting no creative work done, i have classes the next two sundays so the studio needs a big clean up too.  at least i don't have to think about watering.

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