Thursday, 24 April 2014


A BRISK WALK to get the paper, a visit to the gym (long long long overdue - i must do it regularly), coffee at artback where i met the new principal of the primary school who's interested in artists working with her students and wants a turnover of art loaned to go on her office walls, all good.
and back home for a day without anything to do except start sorting out my article for the next Mildura Living magazine.   a daunting task but exciting at the same time.   scary - i've never done it before and it's about someone i know and like a lot.   responsibility to tell it well.   i'll do my best.

and sunny arrives tomorrow for our weekend in broken hill.  i'm looking forward to this time so much.

     I've decided this is where i write - not a bad spot
      and the drink's non alcoholic 

lime and soda -  lemon and pomegranate from my own trees  :0)

now i'm just playing with my new camera :o)

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