Tuesday, 8 April 2014


AFTER A NIGHT with sunny at janet and bevans,  dinner and a good night's sleep, we had breakfast with them and bevan's daughter melinda and granddaughter mia.   then on to Kyo for a browse - so much there to see

then boo hoo, goodbye sunny - i dropped her at the marshall station and headed back to stay the night at gail's in torquay. I'll be seeing sunny again soon though so that'll be lovely.

after  a cosy night of visiting anne and den and playing with their funny grandson max - what a chuckler - i spent the late evening with gail and left early to drive up to the grampians to stay with jen and rob at sierra vista in stawell.   lots of op shops to drop into and it's always a great drive

BBQ AND SCRABBLE i drove home through charlton and st arnaud and op shopped some more.
coincidentally as i stopped at the loo in charlton i met susan wald coming out of the one cubicle.  talk about timing, she was just heading back to melbourne from the artvault, i was heading home.  

very cute building in stawell  - the funeral parlour

i had to climb the fence into the stawell cemetery to take photos - i got half way over the cyclone wire fence (about waist height) and got stuck because my pants caught on the wire.  an interesting moment but i extricated myself and found a slightly lower spot. a lovely old cemetery that i'll visit again when it's not raining.

this is the prettiest little house on the main road into stawell, it doesn't
show up well in this pic,  a mass of textures and surfaces

the trusty salvos came up trumps, a lovely cup, some earrings, a necklace to disassemble and throw into my bead box

an amazing wall that's just standing - the front of an old building - the owner's piled dirt up behind it to support it.  absolutely beautiful coloured stonework

lovely old cinema in charlton

why do i always thing of joan crawford whenever i pass this deserted roadhouse?   

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