Sunday, 13 April 2014


AFTER 3 DAYS OF RAIN the sun came out and the weather was perfect for the first milduran multi cultural festival.   great food and entertainment all afternoon from people of tonga, afghanistan, burundi, italy, india, turkey and many more countries

    i went with donnie,  in the background here

this lovely turkish girl izzie gave me this scarf, 'a gift from me she said after i'd bought a few things at her stall.

         the 'afri boys'  from burundi

   this baby was tiny but was a really adventurous little fellow, crawling 
    across to the stage again and again - he was having a ball

                                the burundi boys drummed, danced and rapped, just great
at the end of a big day, gardening all morning and the festival in the afternoon, what better than one of my own 'istanbulu' cocktails made with pomegranate bought at the festival market

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