Thursday, 3 April 2014


A GOOD DAY EVENTUALLY - by the middle of the day i felt i was drowning in computer folders, trying to find things but now i'm getting my own system of folders going for the work i do and by the end of the day i was feeling some sense of accomplishment.   still getting to know the PC too.  but a lot of the day was spent taking pics of the two resident artists, our susans, and seeing what they were producing.  

susan wald producing her big dramatic monoprints, i've learned a couple of new things from her - a perk of the job :0)

our yarn-dyed tree, must get a better pic

susan baran printing in the studio,  same studio i had each time i did a residency - spacious and light filled

dear andrew and rob in deakin ave
susan wald's monoprints - done from watercolour sketches she did at theatre rehearsals
this weeks work, getting this invite done and posted online and emailed, also walking around the block getting local restaurants to put it in their window.

this gorgeous sculpture by geoffrey ricardo sits outside the life
at the art vault

the drive home to wenty

sakura time in osaka right now

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