Saturday, 12 April 2014


I FELL INTO A FUNK YESTERDAY - after the ceiling drama i spent the morning first with two electricians who came to put in some lights and checked for damp around the power point under the hole in the roof,   then with AAMI on the phone about insurance. they had a guy out by lunchtime to do a temporary patch up and put a tarp on the roof. so a semblance of order is restored.  raked up all the leaves that steve had thrown off the roof and cleaned up the yard.  called steele scadding (love that name) to come and do a big 'load up' of all the piles of stuff accumulating in the yard, and take a trailer load away. that'll feel good.
THEN - already feeling tired, i made the mistake of trying to do some reconciling of my MYOB and bank statements.  talk about  a mess, i'm going to get a bookkeeper once a month, i simply can't do it.

its tax time - always horrible for me.

so i went off to the pub for tea to meet up with a stack of people. thought that would cheer me up but if was greeted with the news that the wonderful couple who run the twilight darling river cruises have been told they can't leave from the wharf any more - i'm writing a letter to the editor and to the council,  Wentworth really needs people like greg and julie to be supported and encouraged - they do a great job.

i know rain like this is no novelty down south - but here it's been gorgeous to see it just falling and falling for three days.  now everything's green and the day looks sunny and cool  -  perfect for a spot of gardening

the gorgeous one - yellow is his color

always good to have a riveting speaker at your dinner

my temporary patchup thanks to AAMI, now let's see
how  long it takes to get the claim processed

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