Wednesday, 16 April 2014


WELL THE TRIP TO THE ACCOUNTANT and the financial advisor were both helpful and useful. i came home mid afternoon and organised anne hederics to come out and watch the lunar eclipse with me.
AND while i was suffering in mildura amidst talk of GST and PAYG, good old steele was carting away all the piles of garden rubbish.   lovely to come home and find it gone.

the moon rose as the sun set - i headed off to get anne

 we started off waiting at the racetrack - a great view across the flat farmland to the horizon, but then we realised we'd have a better view of the moon from the perry sandhills so we drove out there in perfect time to see the beginning of the lunar eclipse.

the beginning of the eclipse from the sandhills

buildings at the base of the perry sandhills,  paddy melons in the water from recent rain

driving home past the lock

next morning . . . the moon setting outside my bedroom window

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