Monday, 28 April 2014


I PICKED UP SUNNY at the airport 9.30 friday morning, it was great that her flights give us a good weekend together to head off to broken hill. we had friday at home and just conked out completely - slept and read out in the glorious autumn sun on the riverbank. we had dinner at home and an early night, a game of scrabble too of course.  it's just lovely to have her here again.

an absolutely lazy lazy day - and perfect weatherSATURDAY, OFF TO BROKEN HILL

bluey's on the ball, checking out the road ahead

surprisingly we had light rain almost all day, not enough to spoil anything though
we got to broken hill around midday, had a classic counter lunch at the Theatre Royal pub - steak of course. then checked into the Palace Hotel, an amazing place, i'll let the pictures tell the story.

i've just put a whole stack
of photos on here - this
hotel is so mad and fun
i couldn't decide what to
leave out.
we loved it, our room was
small and crummy with a
bathroom across the hall (just
like home really) with the
classic brown wardrobe, a
tiny old telly, but doors out
onto the biggest, longest
gorgeous verandah you've 
ever seen.

WE VISITED the regional gallery, house in a wonderful old building originally Sully's Emporium, two levels of great rooms and beautiful old mahogany balustrading, lots of diverse work and a real energy unlike our lacklustre mildura arts centre

I was really pleased to find
that almost the whole town
centre is original - buildings
mostly local stone and some
wonderful public buildings
and pubs. 
loved this wall art - we're not sure what it's meant to be, it was also on the main signage for this building which i think was employment maybe?

 the pub buildings are great,
i loved the green of these

the cemetery is
huge and full
of wonderful
graves and
statues, some
very sad ones

                               this grave was very small, so sad

SUNDAY   up before dawn to drive home through pooncarie.  we could've visited the menindi lakes but it was a rough road, quite a lot of emus, and we just headed home to do some things before sunny's evening flight. we were buggared basically,  too much fun :0)

a gps check before getting up, sunny in her flash new
dimmey's jamies, we both scored bigtime, 40% off storewide.

our room, crummy decor,
fake wood panelling and
window frames in faux
woodgrain paint that 
looked like thick poly-
urethane varnish, eeuw.
tiny telly, old brown
wardrobe,   it was just
what i'd imagined.  beds
were comfy and the 
verandah was just

    the view from the verandah - a huge stone hill topped with these
   crazy new buildings

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   trying to channel thelma and louise,  more like her maj and kate :0)

   emus just run every which way when they're spooked so driving back on the unmade
   roads looking out for emus and roos was an exercise in 'alert but no alarmed'

this bloke was just unloading a huge murray
cod as we pulled up to the pooncarie pitstop
for a sandwich

then we headed home and had a chill out afternoon, lunch in the sun
out on the riverbank and sadly, off to the airport to say goodbye to my
darling daughter  :0{      A lovely weekend

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