Wednesday, 10 July 2013


NO PICS TODAY i've had the whole day at home, artwork in the morning, gardening in the afternoon. boy, do i need to get that bath installed.   hopefully next
week, ken the builder says.  
It was -1 deg  today when i woke up, just icy.   but the day was bright and sunny by 10,a really beautiful day.  the weather just seems more extreme here, colder mornings and warmer days.  i've got the wood heater going tonight, it's not exactly warm but it's taken the chill off the room.  i'll try to keep it going and see if it gradually warms up to
comfortable.  otherwise it's just four layers of clothes.

I've planted five more trees, all eucalypts and acacias, all drought tolerant and tough as
buggery - or so i believe.   time will tell.

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