Monday, 15 July 2013


YESTERDAY i looked up the river to see this lovely flotilla of craft rounding the bend from the murray into the darling. part of the steam rally held here every three years.

 old paddle steamers and small craft, some with steam coming out of their stacks - those are pelicans up in the trees.

damon and kyoko came over late afternoon for another sleepover, we ate enough to feed a footy team

damon discovered
my book of 
rembrandt etchings

 brekky - we had the best mandarine juice,  damon and kyoko arrived with a huge bag of fresh
mandarines so we got the 'juicy lucy' to work

down on the river bank below the house, the river is still very low due to management of the water further upstream, i don't know when the water level will rise again.

my poor barbecue
is teetering dangerously 
close to the edge, 
wonder how long
it will be able to
hold on.

TODAY - the second day of the rally, not only all kinds of boats but old restored engines, vintage cars and motorbikes.   all owned by old codgers :0)

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  1. Completely envious of that view of yours, especially with all those great boats in the mix!


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