Monday, 29 July 2013



its been 2 days since i arrived in osaka and we've only just got the net sorted. my laptop has died and the electric plug converter i brought is the wrong one.  then rene's computer wasn't getting the net.  always hassles of some kind when you travel - my phone's not working either, good old telstra turned off the internet for me but i think they also turned off international roaming.  enough grumbling.
its fabulous to meet cal - I've spent a large part of today with him sleeping on my stomach. he's recognizing me (and my wonderful singing voice) and really starting to focus.  back to thursday 25, the day i left wentworth to drive down to helen and don's.


goodbye australia . . .


. . . hello land of the rising sun

above -  the ferris wheel on the way into namba on the train.

the ticket collector  was so sweet - she turned and gave a polite bow to the carriage before she continued on to the next one.

rene and his brand new hi ace camper van, all fitted out and very impressive.  it:s really long and high - this photo gives no indication.

CAL   -  yes, i've checked and he is gifted

and gorgeous

Uncle rob

last night's dinner,  great food here so far

Meet super - one of rene and sayaka's funny cats

can't help wondering where the marketing people were

nightie night


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