Wednesday, 10 July 2013


I'VE GRADUATED! i'm a frontier woman - with my handy dandy girlie mini chainsaw i've cut up all the kindling for my combustion heater after having a load of split redgum delivered. tomorrow's the big day when i burn it all day to see how it goes.
it's midnight here now and it must be literally freezing outside, i think 1 deg is forecast overnight and it feels like it now. i have high hopes for the redgum, frozen fingers crossed.

although the nights are clear and cold - fabulous stars - the days are fine and sunny, it's pretty nice if i can just heat up this house

this beautiful little paddle steamer choofed past this morning, what a nice
holiday they must be having.

 on a bunnings run this afternoon after lunch with donnie and julie - i came out the front door and this was waiting for me - spectacular

a candid shot of domestic bliss - damon and kyoko in the kitchen at the art
vault - they invited me for dinner and i took cakes from stefano's.



  1. Wow, what a location. It's hard to imagine that such a beautiful place exists where cute paddle steamer chuff past and where people can actually live! x

  2. yep, it's a pretty nice place to be, a bit chilly right now - nearly 10 p.m. but i'm trying to get the hang of the little wood heater. hope you can get up here while you're home xx


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