Thursday, 18 July 2013


The house is full of testosterone as the lads hammer, drill,
bang and generally dirty up the place, muddy boots on the beige carpet -
all the usual stuff.  they're going like the clappers, all the old bathroom is
pulled out, new plaster is going up, electrical work is started and there's a
new sliding door in the wall cavity. three builders, a plumber and two sparkies
here today.
this is the old laundry/bathroom,  a bath is going along the end wall where the
shower and toilet were,  the washing machine and troughs are going in
a cabinet along the outside wall of the house which will double as a
garden cupboard and drawers as well.
there'll be a floating vanity under the bathroom window and opposite, a large
three piece bevelled winged mirror, with recessed shelving behind.
all in neutrals and white.   understated elegance really.  the other
bathroom near the bedrooms will just be a large black tiled wet room
walls and floor all tiles, with the old cream pedestal basin and another
winged mirror above, plus a nice black glass shelf that i got online.
it's fun, i love doing all this stuff.
ken dean, jayden scaddings and . . .  must check tomorrow, i've forgotten

jacko the plumber
was camera shy
but didn't quite

WHOO HOO  my bath is in, hopefully it'll be plumbed in the next few days

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