Tuesday, 23 July 2013


TOMORROW I LEAVE for the grampians then down to melbourne for my friday flight to japan so today was a running around day getting things, tying up loose ends etc.
this morning i did a 2 hour talk about my work to the University of the Third Age - U3A -
at latrobe uni.  that went well, really well - i enjoyed it and got great feedback plus i sold $360 worth of books.  then lunch with donnie and di cross, who helps run the rowing club down here.  i've joined so i can use the gym, it's right on the darling river, a pretty spot.  
then ANOTHER bunnings run for two more hose fittings, i think i've got it set up now so
all the individual new trees and shrubs i've put in are covered as far as watering goes.
 made a rhubarb crumble to take with me to helen and don's on the way down tomorrow.  visited telstra so they could adjust my mobile for overseas travel - i.e. removed the internet facility.
meanwhile the guys were here pulling out the old laundry troughs and putting in a brand new loo. 
i bought radox for the bath tonight, but sadly the waterproofing guy came to do the walls and said i can't use the bath for a couple of days :0{   SOOO disappointing.
planted six new trees.  then remembered i was meeting di at the rowing club to pick up keys to the gym.  a frantic search for the car keys and i got there in time.
i think i'm almost ready for tomorrow, the cars packed up with framed prints for my mini
show at marita's in august.
i think i've earned a sleep and that's just what i 'm going to do.  just a few pics from today.

i grabbed a shot
of jacko the plumber
despite his hesitation
about being in a pic.

goodbye to the old
laundry troughs

and hello
to my

the birds have been going crazy the last few days,  cormorants in literally 
hundreds and hundreds, all sitting in the water being carried past on the current.

the vines in winter -  lovely shapes

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