Sunday, 7 July 2013


LAST NIGHT friday was the opening of the annual sweatbox and agri art show in wentworth. sweatboxes are large old timber boxes that were used to transport the dried fruit in this area. not used any more, they're transformed into various objects each year in this annual show.
damon kowarsky and kyoko imazu are currently artists in residence at the art vault, and they came over to stay last night.  we all went to the opening together.
damon's delightful portrait of me - i think i'm morphing into julia gillard
pics from the sweatbox show. michael keenan with a lamp made out of diptins, another very local thing - tins with handles used for dipping the fruit before drying (i think).

one of the winners - i met him but don't remember his name

tables made out of  a sweatbox, they have stencils on them with the company names etc.  i liked these

SATURDAY - brekky with damon and kyoko - a double yoker for starters

then a drive down to thegoa lagoon and along the river bank to look at the gigantic redgums, they're so impressive, impossible to capture the scale in a pic

then on to Wheeldon's hardware store, more a mecca for secondhand shop scroungers - damon and kyoko are experts with years of experience.
we also took in the mildura antique fair, it was really good.   i bought a few bits of australiana to take
over to japan.

after saying adieu to damon and kyoko i drove home along seventeenth street -  these bits of machinery always make me smile.   they've been sitting on the side of the road for weeks, for sale.  i think they look like they're going to run away, or like something from shaun tan's imagination.

i stopped on the way home to buy oranges and avocadoes here, the fruit is all $3 a bag, and i liked the colourful little stall.

eucalypus woodwardii - i've bought one of these to plant

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