Tuesday, 16 July 2013


IT'S BEEN A FUN NIGHT -  friends terry denton, erica wagner and craig smith arrived this afternoon on their first stop on a 4WD trek across the centre and up to broome and the kimberley.  we had a big dinner of moroccan lamb shanks and rhubarb crumble and played the dice game i'd learned from damon a few nights back.  we
laughed and laughed and laughed.

trying to get a decent group shot with automatic timer - not so good

the alternative - a selfy + 3   :0)

my rhubarb crumble turned out just right - a handful of oats in the crumble meant it had a sort of anzac quality.   

erica really knows how to relax :0)
THIS MORNING   brekky together then outside to watch the rising sun
shining across the river,  pelicans gliding by

corellas heading for the lagoon

terry's blase about the pelicans already

the boys attached my new bike rack for me before they hit
the road - much appreciated 


SIGH   -   back to work now

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