Friday, 2 March 2018


YESTERDAY i had a lovely lunch cooked for me by mimmo, my housesitter in the past, he's stayed here twice and done heaps of painting while i've been away. now he's up from melbourne house sitting for sue and derek 10 minutes away.  hopefully he'll still come here for most of the time i'm in the blue mountains.

today, a big long walk on the island, saw the two darter's nests, one with very young strange looking babies, the other with a handsome young darter who's almost lost his baby feathers.
strange little baby with a very very long neck, i have to hang over the bridge to take
this shot,  just can't quite get a good angle
this gorgeous one is my favourite, always guarded by one or two adults

I wrote to the council to let them know the path was impassable and i'm
pleased to say it's all be cut back so i'm out at the confluence again

we had about sixty drops of rain, enough to make a wonderful rainbow over the house.  i think this means my tattslotto ticket is going to be lucky :0)

i've been cleaning out the garage/studio ready for the renovations to begin. pulled down the old shelves, nearly everything is out :0)

imagine - it's going to 
be a white insulated
 room with lots'o'glass

tonight, after the rainbow

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