Saturday, 24 March 2018


I'VE DRIVEN DOWN to melbourne, two nights with vicki and a visit to the publisher to drop of all the artwork for 'when the war is over'.
my folio of work hits the big smoke

had the best mussels
and a superb steak at
'lina' with vicki and her neighbour celia who
took this pic

a walk around melbourne visiting favourite things
mirka's mural at flinders st station

the nicholas building

the beautiful elevators at david jones

south melbourne near the market

after the publisher i walked next door to the NGV and saw the triennial.  not as good as i'd hoped but the Guo Pei dresses were sensational. and i revisited my favourite works

those mysterious crazy sheep at the back of the gallery cafe

GUO PEI - chinese
designer of
over the top
gowns, almost
huge pieces
of wearable
this is a dress with hood which cover the whole top
of the body with a hole cut out for the face to look thru.
above is a ceiling fresco of renaissance art, the
angels had moving wings

favourite little matisse

the frame shadows are as
interesting as the art

i love this little sculpture in the asian gallery

trash or part of the triennial??

I had dinner with sunny at southbank looking out over the yarra on a gorgeous balmy night

YESTERDAY, friday,  i drove down to geelong for the opening of Reimagine, the world of children's books at the geelong gallery. it was great to catch up with leigh, haven't seen him for ages.  and susan, jenny, freddie and janet and bevan.
geelong library - the exhibition is a collaboration between the
library and the gallery, good to see.

    Leigh with Bevan and Janet
geelong gallery does such great openings, busy, noisy and great food and dr

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