Wednesday, 28 March 2018


ARTWORK DELIVERED - and so good to walk back into my house and start packing up all the paints and stuff that's filling the whole living area.  time to do other things :0)

I went back to the geelong gallery the day after the opening to see the exhibitions properly, all good. 

clarice beckett
jorg scheisser's etchings are divine, i'm including some here but the work is so fine it just doesn't who up at all.  there's a whole gallery full of his work, it's exceptionally beautiful.

winter - from a group of four, the seasons

Had a night with denise and a night at gails, brekky with everyone at torquay on a grey damp morning. it's been lovely to see some real rain although wentworth didn't get any :0( 
gail's garden is a fairyland by night

Then a night with helen and don in lake lonsdale.  good to see them both, i'll go back as soon as i can.  spotted a new bird in their pretty birdbath area which helen tells me is a noisy babbler. very sweet.

The beautiful grampians, usually rich mauve blue - this was a misty cloudy morning
i spent some time with helen talking out ideas for my 'skip' book, it was great to get her comments, it's set me off on a clearer path. aileen had some good input too, i feel i have quite a lot to work on when i do my residency  -  all good  :-)

MONDAY  - on the road again

the drive through
 the mallee
has been lovely, travelling from cloudy grey skies to clear blue,  golden wheatfields and the wonderful silos. 

now i'm home again
everything looks good, 
nothing's dried out.
i have airbnbers arriving 
tomorrow night for
easter and i'll be getting
out in the garden and
doing a lot of major
cutting back and tidying
up - long overdue.  The
book cover still needs to
be done but i'll sort it
out at katoomba.  nice
to be home on the river :0)

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