Wednesday, 14 March 2018


I'M SITTING IN BED making lists - to do lists and checklists as i begin to wrap up the book :0)
After a long 3way conversation with the publishing people i now know what i need to do to finish the book. nothing major, i now have a good idea of how the cover can be.  phew.  feels good.  also have some good Illustrator and Photoshop tips from mimmo on how to achieve a couple of things i didn't know how to do.  all good :0)

anne, steve and mimmo came over on monday for a barbie - a divine evening of cooler weather, just balmy.  after mid 30's we're down to 20's this week  

YESTERDAY  -  the baby darters near the Wentworth bridge are almost full size.  a strange mix of soft and cuddly and weird and prehistoric 

gorgeous little wren - so hard to photograph

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