Sunday, 11 March 2018


A LONG WALK in the morning, swans and darters with young ones, lots of other things to photograph and enjoy.  but i do miss having Artback to visit, to do the Xword and run into people

very strange babies these birds have

demanding too 

    i have a big soft spot for this sculpture on the wentworth wharf - john egge, of chinese descent, began as a trader and became a major figure on the river - i need to check more details, right now that's all i can say but he was a major figure here.

the rowers
club this
coming back
from an
early morning
on the water
the young swan family - i saw the swan on the nest months ago then
lost track - lovely to see them all on a sunday promenade this morning


 wrens, so hard
to photograph -
not only shy
but so quick
to disappear

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