Saturday, 24 March 2018


MY HEAD IS FULL, i have airbnb people about to leave, aileen and max arriving sunday, i want to finish off all the artwork to head off Wednesday, need to get the airbnb ready again before i leave, stuff to do in mildura, supposed to go to a makers meeting tonight (i won't).
so i've had a busy few days of painting, making lists.

MONDAY MORNING - aileen and max arrived yesterday afternoon, the weather's been horrible, windy, dusty and too warm. but last night was perfect, blue sky, sun, a breeze - we had dinner out on the verandah until it was dark.  wonderful just talking and laughing - reminiscing on school days etc.   today will just be enjoying ourselves :0)  maybe lunch in mildura
facebook posted this as a seven year memory -  i put it up to see
if anyone knows where it is. after june bronhill died i tried to get in
touch with her estate to see if i could buy it back, got as far as new
zealand and an answering service and lost the trail.  i wonder where
it is.   'Sunny behind the gallery' 1985


THESE SHEEP have been giving me grief for a week, but it's finished now, almost ready to package up all the artwork for the book when it's had a day or two more to dry


   trying out a sketch of a whole new bunch - better

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