Thursday, 1 February 2018


I'M IN MELBOURNE - with wifi for a few days.  i left after four days of low 40's, i think my house had finally absorbed it into the walls and i was glad to escape.  next morning i work up to cold wind and rain in south melbourne, it was divine. 

my show at dromkeen is packed up and ready to go after seven hours of hard slog, reframing  new work into frames of things that had sold, making endless lists and photographing things for the newcastle library which is showing the exhibition next, then bubble wrapping 34 works and boxing up all the support material  - phew.

Now i'm in torquay and staying at jen and robs.  can't sleep - it's the blue blood supermoon today but there's a lot of cloud. i took these pics close to 11 and no sign yet of the eclipse beginning. i went back out at 1.15 and not a sign of the moon,  grrr

and there
she goes

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