Monday, 19 February 2018


an artist's impression

I'M HORRIFIED at this proposed project - the RSL is applying for  $1million in funding to paint ten silos. the first painted silo was impressive, but more and more have been painted and the quality of the images is getting lower with each one.  i realised small communities may benefit from these although i've seen no effort to do so.  a coffee caravan at Brim (site of the first one) could be a good idea but really, i think most people just drive through and take a pic on the way. i'm not sure the towns are capitalising on the silos.
this is the only silo that works in my humble opinion
- near the tiny township of Brim

and the fact that the RSL wants the 10 new images to be commemorating our war efforts is awful.  
the untouched silos are a powerful reminder of our agricultural heritage and set amongst the wheatfields as they are, they reflect the light against the blue sky and create a wonderful avenue of majestic structures along the highways.

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