Monday, 5 February 2018


I MISSED OUT on the supermoon, but the full moon the two nights after were pretty gorgeous 

found on the
way home, a
pretty cameo
brooch from
ouyen vinnies
for $2   :0)
lake hawthorne on the drive in to see a couple of movies

YESTERDAY, driving into mildura to see two films, the Darkest Hour and Florida Project.   gary oldman is amazing, so often unrecognisable, always good
He's such a chameleon, so different in each of his roles and the makeup and
prosthetics he waore in churchill were flawless, even in ultra close-up

mildura looked like a mini florida when i came out
from the movies on a balmy night
i bought a new shallow birdbath and installed it outside the kitchen window but i always love watching the one on the front lawn
- here are today's visitors

    grey shrike thrush

researching australian uniforms and badges for the war book, there's a lot of background to double check on to make sure everythings

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