Friday, 16 February 2018


OK - kids have come and gone, now to find where i put everything that was on floor level :0)
Had a walk this morning hoping to find the little flock of rainbow bee-eaters i saw yesterday when my battery was flat.  they weren't there,  off to the hairdresser then met bruce the builder at home so he could get measurements.   sigh, i feel like things are slowly grinding into action.  he's going to order the doors for me.  i have so much more confidence in his advice that i did with the former builder.   the EX builder :0)

had lunch in mildura yesterday with donnie and di, then popped in next door to see the exhibition of two of the 'makers' group, dorothy and terri.  i took a whole heap of photos so they could send one to the sunraysia daily

vicki mentioned that she'd like some champers glasses of the shape modelled on marie antoinette's breast :0)   i suggested hollow stems too, and that i'd keep an eye out in the op shops.  and here they are - from the big mildura salvos, czech bohemia glass still with the labels on, a set of six for $6      she's chuffed and i'm quietly proud

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