Friday, 23 February 2018


I'M OVER SUMMER - humid and 37 today so i painted in the morning and escaped to the movies again this afternoon - this time i saw Lady Bird, which i really enjoyed. there have been so many good movies lately (maybe because we have a new company running the cinema)  so i've seen The Darkest Hour, The Shape of Water, I, Tonya,  3 Billboards and Lady Bird - they've all been terrific but i really Ioved The Shape of Water.

now for some more painting with the fan right on me.

STEP 3,4 and 5

a couple of cute pics from sayaka - recently in my bath, late at night after i'd gone to bed so i missed it 

and mara 
was two 
on the 21st

i'm gathering images
 of working dogs
 in the sheeprun
for one of the illustrations 

Yesterday the Sunraysia Daily came out to do a story about me for their free magazine.  here's journo Megan holding the photographer's reflector (aka an umbrella)   look out Mary Poppins

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