Thursday, 15 February 2018


RENE, SAYAKA and the kids left yesterday after a busy couple of days.  they discovered the lego, although i think sunny and rene were more involved, i'm sure they remembered every piece.
Cal climbed a tree at the lock, something he wouldn't do in the parks in osaka, it's disapproved of.  we visited the sandhills which they both loved after initial suspicion. we had a barbie at home, went to the pub the next night. they played in the wading pools in the yard and had a late night bath with squeezy bath animals that lit up inside when they hit the water  I had time to catch up with rene and rene and sunny together.  it was a great two days and three nights.

rene, sayaka
and the kids
at torquay
before they
came here

in my
 yard, the
pool was a
and the
was perfect

cal discovered the joys of running through the sprinkler

checking out the rellies


I dropped sunny at the airport early, a 6.30 flight. the moon was 
just rising, beautiful

car loaded up ready to leave yesterday morning.

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  1. Annie, I love them all!! So nice photos! Cheers, Sadami


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