Sunday, 28 January 2018


FEELING FATIGUED TODAY  it's been hot now for two weeks, in the forties beginning and end and mid thirties in between.  the birds are all sitting around with their beaks open, i'm keeping all the bird baths topped up but i'm going to get one more for outside the kitchen window - it's shady and i think a shallow birdbath for the small birds will fill the gap.

Friday i went into mildura to see Three Billboards in Ebbing, Missouri -  a terrific film, frances macDormand has to win the oscar for her performance, sam rockwell and woody harrelson, equally good.

Yesterday i went to a day of Shibori - tying and stitching fabric to be dyed in indigo.  very relaxing just sitting around in a group of five in airconditioning, talking and sewing nothing in particular.  i really enjoyed it.

twisting twisting, we didn't get to see each other's results, took our wet objects home and unwrapped them later - a shame, i didn't see this long fabric after dyeing

left, overstitching on the fold and pegs clamping
pleated ends gave
the result below,
i don't know how i'd use this method but
i love the 3D effect created in the fabric

above, fabric
 wrapped around
 large beads give this pattern on the right,
 i thought these
 would be circles
 - always a surprise unwrapping

my pieces as they arrived home

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i really liked this one, just very fine gathered rows but a nice shirred texture 
like this - an unexpected result

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