Monday, 22 January 2018


CHRIST i'm sick of this weather, after four days over 42 today is 37, overcast and humid,  worse!   it's going to be the same all week and back into the 40's over the weekend. 
despite the weather the birds are all about, the little pardalote came back yesterday. and the variegated fairy wrens have progressed across the backyard and now they're in the garden outside the kitchen. 

I've been painting all day - after an early walk and a terse word to the stupid man who's brought his bus back and is parked and living outside my front fence.  i've contacted the council again, the bylaws officer is going to come and have a talk to him.  he's actually draining his sewerage onto the tree near the bus (which hasn't escaped the bylaws officer, can't wait for him to drop by)

many things to be resolved here

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