Thursday, 25 January 2018


THESE HOT DAYS are good for forcing some organisation of time, walks are early, clearing the print studio needs to be done before midday and afternoons are spent staying still near a fan and painting. it's quite productive :0)  of course there's always time for taking a few pics

Here's indomitable isobelle,
she's been standing somewhere every day with this sign, telling people about the disgraceful way our government is treating the asylum seekers
trapped on 
manis island. she's been out every day in brisbane, and now in prague.
courageous girl.
LAST NIGHT  my favorite part of day - last light over the river

nearly finished, i think i'll make the vietnamese man's head more fine, less square

day before australia day - i'd be happy to change the date, it's not worth celebrating if it's upsetting such an important part of the nation.  after all, who's really thinking about captain cook arriving when we have the day off.  we should find a date where we can all celebrate living in a safe country with wonderful beaches, great multiculturalism, wonderful natural produce and resources and also use it for trying to make changes to improve it more.  (off the soapbox now)

where to be on australia day in wenty :0)

somehow i don't think 
these two events will be 
rivals for audiences

it was absolutely still this morning, a gorgeous morning at lock 10

this young butcher bird had just been fed by a parent, quite a meal

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