Monday, 8 January 2018


NO COOL CHANGE here - another day indoors working on the book under the evaporative cooler vent.

thirsty birds ignoring
the sprinklers below

Time for a long walk on the island early before raking the whole lawn, cleaning up two wheelbarrows full of bark. hopefully it's almost stopped falling now

this swamp hen
is keeping the
nesting swan
company as she
sits every day.
it's always there
wandering around

a new bird - the chestnut rumped thornbill, they had the sweetest little 'sirp' voice

walking back over the bridge it's lovely to watch the swallows from above - they fly from under the bridge right up in front of you, two quick to photograph

LAST NIGHT there was what looked like mist on the river, sonja suggests it could be smoke from a far off fire. maybe but no sign of it in the sky and definitely not campfire smoke.  very pretty

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