Thursday, 20 March 2014


HERE I AM in the shittiest motel room - it has a QS bed and a big white metal double bunk, DB on the bottom and single on top, right in front of the window.  the aircon doesn't work, the fawn synthetic blankets have cigarette burn holes in them and it's 'wet hair' humid.
but i have tv and wifi - so all is well.
it's called the marco polo and i imagined something quite nice, couldn't have been more wrong but 10 minutes walk from the station (2 flights and 2 train trips to get here) is a nice little shopping area with good restaurants, great fruit shops with fresh cheap goodies, a great little asian supermarket and nice old buildings.
no pics because my battery is flat.

 so i'm sharing my friend laila's gorgeous photo of spring breaking out in england - i'd swear it was sakura time in japan.  lovely patterns of branches.

and it looks like the calster is taking off :0)

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