Wednesday, 12 March 2014


IT'S JUST ON 10pm but i'm completely bushed.   my head is full of so much information and using a  PC all day instead of a mac has been ...... zzzzzz   i'll be in bed soon.
however,  it's been a great day, i feel at home in the art vault, the work is all familiar, the sort of thing i do for myself - press, emails about openings, invitation design.    and it was krystal's farewell at the end of the day, 10 of us had dinner at the pizza cafe.  i'm tired but happy.

 at my desk

sonja's lovely linocut, the cover to the book of memories she made for krystal, filled with messages from everyone, and some artwork

 kev, julie, krystal and mia

 sonja, andrew, rob, angelie and bernard

 ah yes, the mr. curly dessert

 and the inevitable selfie

the catholic church window, on the way home

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